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Getting member

Dear group members,

I have tried to invite as many of you as possible but the limit of invitations is reached. So if anyone isn't invited yet, please click on »Join our group« and you'll be added to the members =)


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:star:  Extreme Dinosaurs

:bulletblue: T-Bone: T-Bone, is a T-Rex, and the leader of the Extreme Dinosaurs. He's very strong, cool, very calm and thoughtful. His Special Skill is the Saurian Stomp, and wears two floodlights on his back.

:bulletblue: Bullzeye : Bullzeye is a comical and rather wild Pteranodon. He loves watching TV and buying things on the Tele-shopping-channel. His Special Skill is the Sonic Screech, his secondary weapon is a pair of metal-claws.

:bulletblue: Spike : Spike is the strongest and steadiest member of the Extreme Dinosaurs. He's very impulsive and allways ready to fight. He's quite eager and single-minded, but very proud and never gives up. He attacks most of the time with his horns (Obviously, he's a Triceratops) however one of them is broken.

:bulletblue: Stegz : Stegz (Stegosaurus) is the brain of the Extreme Dinosaurs and very thoughtful. He always makes up strategies before fighting but he's also a tough fighter, for instance, he can roll up and attack his enemies with his spikes like a chain saw.

:bulletblue: Hardrock (Redcase) : (Ankylosaurus) Like Stegz he can roll up and attack his enemys like by rolling over them. He's very calm, relaxed, peaceloving and friendly. He comes from another peaceful planet.

:bulletblue: Ridge : (Dilophosaurus) Ridge lived as a slave on the planet Krat under the command of Queen Zarconda (German name, I think is the same in the U.S) and fighted in the so called Colossodom. T-Bone convinced him to help them to overthrow Zarconda. They suceeded. And Ridge decided to stay at Krat because he wanted to help the population of the planet.

:star:  The Raptor-Gang

:bulletred:   Bad Rap : Bad Rap is the leader of the Raptor-Gang. He once had a powerful laser-blaster but it was destroyed by the Ex-Dinos. He's very evil, cunning and calculating, but also proud and loyal to his betrayed creator.

:bulletred:   Spittor : He's the brain of the Raptor-Gang, he can develope and repair powerful weapons. He wears a fluid tank on is back and with this he can spit different liquids, for example acid or glue. Spittor is also evil, cunning and calculating but is more nasty, cynical and sarcastic than Bad Rap.

:bulletred:   Haxx : Haxx is not so clever like the other members of the Raptor-Gang, he is friendly and playful. But nevertheless, is a dangerous enemy. He has a vortex-tail ouf of metal and holo-blades that can cut everything up.

Edited by Rainer13.

*Note from Larathen* Join and I'll give you Pop-Tarts :D.

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:star:  LINKS:…

Extreme Dinosaurs in german language:

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@sturmblut ive been uploading extreme dinosaurs in english!
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Ah! So, you are the guy who added me on Youtube. ^^
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yes and im the only person that upoads the english episodes of Extreme Dinosaurs
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Ummm...I have all the episodes on dvd in english.....
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cool Groups
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FFFF! This used to be my favorite show! I had a T-Bone action figure toy thing and I lost it and cried! :iconhnngplz:
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